Mail & Package Consolidation and Repacking Service Germany

Repacking & Package Consolidation Service

Why and how we offer our Mail & Package Repacking and Consolidation Service.

We repack and consolidate your goods for two reasons.

Safety or to save on shipment costs.

We automatically repack when consolidating your items or when the original packaging is not sufficient for its long journey. In such cases, we use high-quality packaging material to ensure a safe arrival for your goods!

Package consolidation is also done to cut down shipment costs! You can combine several shipments to a single one. That way, you will save up to 80% shipping costs you would have to pay, if you had placed a single order for each product and had the goods shipped to your address abroad.

Double walled Cardboard is used for your Repacking Service
Air bubble film is used for your Consolidation Service
Air pockets are used for our Consolidation Services
Only the best material is used for Package Repacking and Package Consolidation Service

Our staff is well-experienced when it comes to the efficient and secure repackaging and consolidation of your goods.

Any questions left? Or you want us to use a certain packaging?
Just contact our team for any Mail & Package Consolidation Services.

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